3 Fab Gym Fads – You Have to Try

Every decade has its fitness fads, while some last the distance (hot yoga is still going strong), others can expire as quickly as they started.  But one thing is for sure,  a fitness fad can be lots and lots of very good fun!

Here’s the lowdown on some of the latest gym fads available now on the AirActive App.

#POUND:     It’ basically high-intensity  air drumming using weighted drumsticks to serious slammin’ music. Here you can channel your inner rock-star, while doing a full body interval workout that will leave you dripping with sweat. Sydney-siders, use the AirActive App to find and book the #pound class that suits you.

ANTI GRAVITY YOGA:    Here you can strike a pose while hanging from the roof! This workout was invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison (ex aBroadway choreographer). The idea is you perform a series of exercises inspired by yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics in a hammock-like apparatus, in order to achieve a total-body workout. Queenslanders you can use AirActive App to find and book the class that suits you.

HOOLA HOOPING:    If Beyonce and the First Lady Michelle Obama are doing it, THIS ONE is obviously hot. Touted as  burning as many calories per minute as  boot camp  (up to  600 calories in an hour),  a weighted fitness hula hoop is used which is larger and heavier than the one in toy shops. Melbournites, you’ll find Hoola Hooping classes  on the AirActive App.

Now you know what’s out there, download the AirActive App NOW and choose from thousands of activities  you can drop into, at anytime.

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