5 Foods To Avoid Pre Workout

Be kind to your body before your sweat sessions, and avoid these 5 foods at least two hours before you start to ensure your body has the time to process nutrients and deliver the stamina you need.

ORANGE JUICE:  Replace orange juice with a whole orange, as fresh squeezed juice  is high in sugar, and has no fiber, so can move thru your system fast, resulting in a blood sugar crash half-way thru your session that can leave you puffed and snippy because you can’t complete your session properly.

SMOOTHIES:  Be wary of smoothies made with slightly unripe fruit which still hold excess starch, as starchy fruit can create a  horribly bloated belly feeling, and seriously strong bad gas. Always have your smoothies well before you start exercising, and always go for homemade over shop-made, to be 100% sure there’s nothing in there you don’t need like extra sugar (from juices) and fats (even monosaturated ones like avocado – as they can be slow to digest resulting in cramping).

BEANS & BEAN DIPS LIKE HUMMUS: Bean-based foods (such as our fave dip hummus) are high in indigestible carbohydrates which means that as you work the core, the tummy area feels the pressure and starts to bloat, cramp and gas. Again, great post workout, but pre, can cause an embarrassing wind outbreak.

SALTED ANYTHING INCLUDING NUTS:   High sodium foods leave you dehydrated and you certainly don’t need that during a workout. The foods that are high in salt can be surprising and include cottage cheese, ham, bacon, sausages, sauces, canned fish, and nuts. So these off your meal list too, if you are heading off for a session.

CERTAIN RAW VEGGIES: Wonderful post workout, pre-workout some  raw veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and capsicum are really hard going on your digestion so they can cause nasty tummy cramps once your core starts heating up.

The takeaway is…. While fresh fruit and veggies are always best,  and many fats are very important to our daily diet,  think about what and when you consume them throughout the day, and  limit some of these foods listed above  to maximize your enjoyment and performance when working out.


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Freshly blended fruit smoothies of various colors and tastes in glass jars. Yellow, red, green. Turquoise blue background

Always choose freshly blended fruit smoothies and be wary what is in them if they are not home made