Linda Moschos - Wild Wellness
Creating Wellness Goals

Our goal at AirActive™ is simple. Make health and fitness activities more accessible. Why? Well it’s no secret, we bet you’ve heard this before. Being active can actually release happy chemicals to the brain, it can energise you, it can boost your confidence and so much more. Basically, it improves your overall wellbeing.

We’re all about going beyond the routine at AirActive™. Whether that’s a fitness routine or simply a day to day routine. We want more than the norm. So rather than just creating you an App to find these activities, we’re going beyond our routine as we work with industry professionals to help you stay motivated and go beyond your routine.

So… without further ado, welcome to the first of our blog series focusing on health and fitness. Our first guest blogger is Sydneysider and PT, Linda Moschos of @wildwellnesspt. If you’re in Sydney you can find Linda’s Wild Wellness sessions in the AirActive™ App.


Creating Wellness Goals

Wellness is all about lifestyle change. Being fit and feeling healthy just so happen to be the super beneficial side effects. We all start our journey to health and fitness by making little changes every day to improve our lifestyle and wellbeing.

There are many things that make us feel the need to exercise and eat healthily, but sometimes we focus on the reasons that only put more stress on our body and mind.

Restrictive dieting, overtraining, unrealistic expectations, these can all affect us in so many negative ways, ultimately creating more damage.

Achieve wellness by creating yourself some wellness goals. Firstly, find that long term goal to motivate you, it may be health related, weight loss, improving fitness or reducing stress. Most importantly, choose your wellness goals to suit YOU.

To reach that long term goal, set yourself a variety of smaller goals, daily, weekly and monthly and commit to achieving them each day.

You might like to wake up an hour earlier to be active, get to a fitness session, add more vegetables to your meals or switch off from mindless technology to focus on your breathing.

Ask yourself, what can I do today that will improve my health, fitness and overall wellness? 

Whatever it may be, remember to focus on improvement and be mindful of all the little victories, that will help you to achieve  your goals.

Live Wild, Live Well



If you’re in the health and fitness industry and would like to join us on our journey, please get in contact with us.