Infrared Sauna Sessions Now on AirActive

If the idea of being wrapped in a private cosy cocoon while being drenched with warm radiant heat is your idea of heaven, you must try an infrared sauna, now available in Melbourne via our AirActive App.

Far more civilised than the traditional steam sauna  (there’s no sharing, damp floors or potential for exhibitionism) infrared saunas are revered in many wellness circles for penetrating the skin more deeply to aid in a number of restorative, detoxifying and rejuvenating body processes.

Detox Without the Burn: All saunas, infrared & traditional make you sweat which is believed to help flush toxins from the body.  However, the heat in infrared saunas is a far more gentle radiant heat, and at a much lower and tolerable temperature, than the sometimes air scorching traditional saunas. So you get all the detox, but now in complete comfort.

Unwind the Mind, Body and Soul: For many people, a sauna can help stimulate circulation throughout your body, helping to reduce mind tensions, relaxing sore muscles and easing  minor joint aches, stiffness and inflammation. With infrared, you get the same benefits amplified as the heat travels deeper and evenly over the body. Making it a great way to bring some TLC to a  weary body that has  over-done it on the tennis court,  spin machine or is simply worn-out from too many late nights.

Get a Boost:  Infrared’s radiant heat is also believed to boost  your immune system, help improve skin tone and deliver a healthy radiant glow. All this, while lying in a warm tunnel of heat. Now that is my kind of activity!!

Now you know what it is Melbourne, give it a try via the AirActive App. Download the AirActive App NOW and choose from this and thousands of activities  you can drop into at anytime.

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romantic candle light on a black background

romantic candle light on a black background