Know Your Gym Jargon

If you are new (known as a newbie) to the gym fitness space here’s the lingo you need to know to get you thru your first few visits.

SETS    These are  the number of times you are going to repeat an exercise or exercise sequence.
REPS   This is the number of times you are going to lift a weight in a given exercise or exercise sequence (Set)
PR        Is your  Personal Record. I.E you performed better in a workout than you ever have before.
RX        You completed your workout to the letter, without modifying it (i.e cutting corners)
WOD   Workout of the Day.

BEASTING IT UP     Ramping things up, intense effort physically and mentally.

BRO SCIENCE     Word of mouth or knowledge passed off as factual

BOULDERS   Big muscles in shoulder area

CARDIO BUNNY   A female always working out on the cardio equipment

CUTTING UP   Stripping the body of excess body fat while retaining maximum muscularity

GUNS     Another word for pumped upper arm muscles, biceps, and triceps

JUDI DENCH    Someone strong looking or muscular

SWOLLEN   Having large well-developed muscles.

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