WHAT IS IT?      Spinning is a cardio (aerobic) workout to music on a stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted wheel.

HOW LONG IS A CLASS?     Classes can be between 40 and 60 minutes, although some beginner classes can be shorter (which are a fantastic intro to this class as it can be pretty intense the first few times).

WHAT TO WEAR?      Comfortable work-out clothes OR padded bike shorts (saddle rash can happen) but skip anything baggy pants wise, and opt for flat-soled workout shoes.

WHY MEN LIKE IT   It’s low impact, you don’t need rhythm, you can work to your own pace, and there are no complex moves.


  1. Watch the instructor they will tell you how much resistance to add, how fast to pedal, how hard you should be working, and when to do stand, sit, sprint.
  2. Resist the temptation to “compete” with those around you. It will take a few weeks to build up your fitness
  3. Keep pedaling, don’t stop, just go slow to catch your breath if you get weary.
  4. Buy a gel seat cover if the place has them, they fit over the bike seat and make the whole experience much more comfy
  5. Bring Water- You will need it.

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