Top Tips To Beat Stinky Gym Feet

DONT SKIMP ON FOOTWEAR… Especially if you have a tendency for wet, moist feet. Always buy the best sports shoes you can afford as bargain shoes  won’t always have the right support or ability to dry-out and  breathe. To help keep your tootsies in tip-top condition if your feet do tend to get sweaty, add corn flour/ talc to your shoes before and after each session. It does wonders. SOCK IT RIGHT… Nylon can get nasty in a workout as it  traps moisture, breeding bacteria and result in a bad smell. Give those nylon socks the flick from your gym bag and replace with natural fibres like cotton.
GET SOAKING…Both tea and vinegar can do wonders to rid feet of bacteria that causes the pong.  Mix one part vinegar with two parts water in a big bowl or add 2 black steeped tea bags just to warm water, and soak your feet for a good 20 mins.  Repeat every day for a week. TEA TREE & EUCALYPTUS TISSUE….Add 3 drops of each oil to a tissue and insert into your shoes in-between use.

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