Why Buddying-Up Is Better

Working out with a friend has many benefits and not just post exercise.

It Reduces the Pike-Out Factor: If you plan to workout with a friend you’re twice as more likely to stick to the routine and go, as cancelling means letting down a friend.

You Try Harder: Friends can incite some healthy competition as you spur each other on and push each other outside your regular comfort zone to best of your abilities.

You’ll Always Have a Spotter: Bringing a friend means you won’t have to approach a random stranger to count for you (i.e spot) as you attempt those reps. It can also increase the number of exercises you do because, with a spotter, we all tend to concentrate on the move itself, not the number.

It’ll Keeps Things Fast & Focussed:  Meeting up with a friend ups-the-focus-factor as you share the pains, the gains and joys of nailing your goals. And, as a result, time seems to fly past faster than when working out solo.

And now with social integration technology as found on the AirActive App, you can alert your friends as soon as you make a booking for a class or workout, and invite them to meet you there. Making buddying-up even easier.

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